Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Solar Bombshell Bikini 2011

July, 19th 2011. Hi guys, sorry i have been a bit away from the Blog but recently the wedding and other plans have taken advantage of my time and energies. Seriously, you would not believe the amount of bureaucracy needed for a wedding between two people from different countries!
So, Summer time!!! Even if here in Ireland we can't yet appreciate a season with that name yet, here are some eco advices, above all if you are somewhere with sun and...no battery charger for your ipods!

American designer Andrew Schneider has used conductive thread to sew photo-voltaic panels together in a Solar Bikini that allows you to charge your favorite gadgets while getting a nice tan.
30-year-old Schneider says ‘I use 40 individual paper-thin flexible, photo-voltaic panels for each bikini. I sew them together over a normal bikini using soft-conductive thread,’ adding that it takes him around 80 hours to painstakingly sew the panels. Every swimsuit is made to measure and costs as much as a conventional designer bikini, $200.
The Solar Bikini allows its wearer to connect any modern gadget via the USB ports sewn into the fabric, meaning you’ll never run out of juice at  the beach, ever again. ‘Anything that you can power or charge through a USB connection you can power and charge using the solar bikini, assuming of course you’re out and about under the sun.’ This ingenious yet fashionable garment doesn’t take away the pleasure of going into the water, all wearers have to do is unplug their gadgets before going in and making sure the USB ports are dry before reconnecting them.

Nice idea uh? A bit ridiculous in my opinion but hey, we're getting there and thumbs up for the creativity!

Some more news for the ones interested...I have collaborated for this Season's special Abroad 2011 issue of Standard Magazine, a fantastic american magazine on design, sustainability, quirky and interesting stuff and fantastic trips! Have a look! 

Hope I will now get back to the Blog more often, promise! -40 days to the Big Day!!!


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