Thursday, February 24, 2011

Global Service Jam 2011

From March 11th to 13th, 2011 I will participate to this interesting Design Marathon in Dublin. It's a 48hrs Design Brainstorming.

As the site says it's 

"a worldwide event that brings people together to develop, prototype and share new services. With over 40 cities and hundreds of participants, this will be one of the largest service design events ever, and you can take part!"

Rules are pretty simple:
"You don’t need to come with an idea or a team, just enthusiasm and an open-mind.
You might be interested in this event if you work, study or are just interested in services, people, technology, graphics, products, environments, business, marketing, or user experience. Over the weekend, experienced service design mentors will support groups in developing new services around a global theme". 
Not bad uh? There are already 25 people signed in, but I'd say there will be more...
Check out the closest city next to you. There might be one and we can keep in contact!
Here's a video that explains what is it like: GSJ 2011 Video
And here is the website of the event: Global Service Jam 2011

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