Thursday, February 24, 2011

Graduation and new beginning

February 19th, 2011: Graduation for the MSc in Sustainable Development, Dublin Institute of Technology, DIT, Ireland.

I finally got graduated! What an achievement! It has been a great and tough year, above all the exams and the essays (writing scientific essays in a foreign language is not the easiest thing ever).
I have met great friends and people and I am very happy of my progress.
So, let's start immediately with this new chapter in my life, plenty of things to manage and organise:

Myself and my two collegues Joanne Kindregan and Janine Kennedy Fairitear are creating a NEW Sustainable and Social Incubator (Hub) for recently graduated designers. We are now proceeding with the written statement and first contacts. In a week we have met already so many people and got so many contacts! Thank you to Gordon, Lorna, Mark, Helen, Karan.
Next step is a physical place where to begin, we have few contacts already. In two weeks I think we might be ready to start. We also might need some funding, so if anyone know or is interested....

Also, I am opening this Blog. I really think that nowadays sharing information and networks is fundamental to get credibility and been recognised all over the world, so let's do it!

In this sustainable and social Design Blog i will try to insert all the biggest and interesting news that are happening all over the world in Sustainability and Social Design.

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